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Trial by jury is a fundamental part of the American system of justice, and is a right guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Illinois. To preserve this right it is essential that the court establish and maintain a well-functioning system for the selection and utilization of jurors.

The 18th Judicial Circuit Court utilizes the ONE DAY/ONE TRIAL system of jury service. Under this system a person called to jury duty serves for the duration of one trial if selected to hear a case. But if the person has not been selected to hear a case by the end of one day, he or she is discharged from jury duty.

Under Illinois law, every county with a population in excess of 40,000 must establish a jury commission consisting of three members who are appointed by the circuit judges of the court. Each jury commissioner serves for a three year term.

By law the jury commissioners are to prepare a list of persons who may be called for jury service and are to discharge other duties pertaining to the operation of the jury system consistent with rules adopted by the court.

The day-to-day operation of the jury system in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court is administered through the Office of the Jury Commission under the direction of Deputy Court Administrator Robin L. Partin.

This office is responsible for the selection and summoning of prospective jurors and the management of jurors during their term of service. Illinois law requires that the names of prospective jurors be randomly drawn from a combined list of registered voters, drivers license and state identification card holders in DuPage County.

During 2011 a total of 11,845 citizens completed jury service in the 18th Judicial Circuit. In order to make Jury service more accessible to those with hearing impairments, the Jury Commission has implemented wireless infrared audio listening technology for use in the Jury Lounge and Courtrooms. This technology utilizes an infrared transmitter and lightweight receiver headset to enable those with hearing impairments to receive clarified sound.

The citizens of DuPage County can take pride in having one of the most modern jury systems operating in Illinois.

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